How To Submit Ads

After payment, you will receive a confirmation email with your order number (check your spam/junk folder). If you cannot find it, please check your email settings as sometimes your mail server may automatically block our confirmation to you. 

Please send your Ad with the order number in the subject line to

We allow up to 5 slides in one Ad and all of them have to be the same size. 

    instagram image sizing

    Failing to provide your slides in the same size will result in all of the carousel photos or videos cropped to the same aspect ratio as the first slide. We do not edit posts after posting so please make sure your caption is accurate and you have tagged your correct @username and #hashtags.

    If your video is longer than a minute, you need to edit it into multiple clips before sending it to us. It will be posted as a slide post in this instance.

    You MUST provide a caption and hashtags in a third-person narrative using the pronouns "he," "she," "it," or "they". 

    We CANNOT CONTROL the amount of engagement your Ad will receive as this sorely depends on the quality of the post. Please look at the high performing posts on our feed for guidance. 

    There are NO REFUNDS for Ads posted & by completing purchase, you confirm that you own or have permission to use any images/videos submitted.

    We reserve the right to DECLINE promotions we feel are not suitable for our audience. (nudity, bleaching + skin lightening creams, bad reputation, yoni pearls, scams or anything suspicious & more. Please DM us if unsure).

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